Android 17 Stronger Than Ever! And Other Thoughts

Hey Guys!

Just wanted to talk a little bit about the most recent Dragon Ball Super. Pretty sweet episode, especially the animation. I thought the fight between Goku and Android 17 took place in a great location with amazing visuals. It really looked like the writes and animators enjoyed making this episode. It also looked like they wanted to give a pretty good reintroduction of Android 17.

It’s been years since we’ve seen him. We do catch a glimpse of him when Goku is fighting Kid Buu if I remember correctly, and I also remember thinking “I thought he was dead”. But I guess it makes sense he was revived by the Dragonballs as well, but seems like he’s been living the quite life since then. Well maybe not so quiet, he was after all protecting an island from poachers who apparently had tanks! What was that about?

Anyway it seems he’s become pretty laid back and caring. Protecting animals, getting married, and having children! I’m a little disappointed they didn’t show US the picture of his family. I was actually pretty curious. Anyway let’s move on to the fight. So apparently Android 17 hasn’t been slacking and has gotten far stronger than back in the Android Saga. I really remember something back in the day about Androids 17 and 18 never losing energy due to fatigue and such, but also that they’re power was set and couldn’t go higher. Maybe I’m just remembering wrong. Either way it’s not like Super has so accurately kept to a lot of things, especially regarding power. I mean sorry, how is Master Roshi even a consideration for a tournament of power involving multiple universes! Not just their own universe! I’m really not sure he should be able to hold his own against a lot of people on Earth right now. But they will make him useful I’m sure, its a fan service thing I guess.

Anyway got off on a tangent there 🙂 Back to Goku and Android 17. So 17 has some skills alright, that I’ll buy. He’s definitely smart and guy who knows how to take the best strategic actions. Now it looks like he some new cool techniques too. He was able to take Goku’s Kamehameha in Super Blue, which is pretty ridiculous. Granted I assume Goku held back a little. Though I don’t like that he went Super Blue. He seems to be going into that far too quickly. It’s really amazing he just showed it off to everyone at the last tournament so they know what to expect. He even went Kaioken in it! Are they going to introduce another transformation now? He goes Blue against everyone he’s fighting like that’s the only way he can be serious.

Anyway let’s see how it goes. Overall seeing 17 back in the mix is definitely a good thing. His character was calm and collected. Did you see how he said it wasn’t a big deal at all if they were all going to cease existing together! He has a point, what would it matter. You don’t exist, no one you love exists, none of you know any better, because you don’t Exist! Straight line A to B kind of guy. Still he looks like he’s developed a lot and the next episode should showcase that even more. Though it was convenient how some alien decides he wants an Earth animal’s horns out no where at that exact moment ha.

What did you guys think about the episode and some of the recent developments, especially regarding power? Check out the video discussing some of the general community thoughts on the subject. Comment your thoughts below and have a great day everyone! Thanks!