Toonami and the Good Ole Day’s of DBZ in the 90’s

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Toonami and It’s Lasting Impact 

Okay now let’s get to the topic of the day. Just wanted to talk a little bit about Toonami. I don’t know about you but growing up I saw the rise and fall of Toonami. A block on Cartoon Network that first introduced Anime to the US or at the very lease played a huge role in making Anime more popular. That was when I started watching Dragonball Z for the first time.

I still remember sitting there waiting for whatever show used to come on at 5Pm, I honestly don’t even remember. I just remember DBZ starting with the first episode and if you know it like me, it starts off showing a farmer out in the fields. I immediately ran into the kitchen to check the time on the microwave (no I don’t remember if we had any other clocks lol) because I was sure this was not the show that was supposed to be on. Little did I know this was a day that would have a tremendous impact on me.

Like most people I was simply fascinated by DragonballZ, I mean how many shows had people able to fly, shoot energy beams, move fast like it was teleportation. I mean it was awesome! While watching DBZ everyday I started to watch the rest of the shows on the block as well, that were all mainly Anime as well. I definitely remember Sailor Moon coming on right before at 4:30 and yes I went ahead and watched that too! It was like an afternoon ritual. Get back from school and Toonami was 4-6, so everyone watched and then maybe came out to play.

At the time however, I didn’t realize how much Toonami had an impact on American culture and interest in Anime. I realize now watching DragonballZ led me to be interested in finding more anime, of all types to watch. Introducing me to basically a whole new world. I have below a video from Chris Stuckmann’s channel on Youtube. I think he really captures a lot of peoples feelings on this subject to the T. He runs through the life of Toonami and its ups and downs. He even has Steve Blum the voice of Tom on Toonami and Chris Sabat who voiced many characters in DBZ. Take a look and see if it takes you down the nostalgic road too.

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